General Counseling


General Counseling


Counseling psychologists serve and sustain an effective focus on facilitating individual and interpersonal functioning across the entire life period. They participate in a variety of actions including research, teaching, career development, construction and supervision, managing power, psychotherapeutic and counseling practice. Basically, the specialties of counseling psychologists pay sound concentration to educational, professional, mental, organizational, health-related and political concerns.

The counseling psychologists work with varied client groups together with children, families, politicians, adults, couples and groups. Counseling psychologist does various munificent psychotherapeutic and research works to make change in unusual environment. They deal with topics related to the exact promotion of human happiness, divergence resolution, fulfilling relationships, sexuality, existentialism crises, spiritual problems, and issues of rehabilitation. They employ a range of methods closely tied to theory and research to rally round various types of mentalities. They also use scientist-practitioner model in order to facilitate human kind very consciously. They do several works including evaluation formulation of the onset and continuance of psychological predicaments, training and supervision, planning and implementation of treatment.

Counseling psychologists pass their valuable and busy time to understand and promote the welfare of community and develop their abilities to live a successful and smooth life. They try to aid community gain from knowledge and experiences to help them discover and expand their much more potential. Moreover, the counseling psychologist works in individually or in groups in order to maintain and support people with various difficulties providing therapy treatments. The counseling psychologists invent an intellectual rationalization of the client’s issues.

Steps to Become a Counseling Psychologist

Counseling psychologist is professional psychologist who assists individuals strengthen his/her mental health and get through common life problems with their job, social lives, and home. To become a counseling psychologist and start career as a psychologist, research, educational requirements, training, licensure information, devotion to clients and experience are very much required. In spite of these, some important steps are highly needed to become a counseling psychologist. Those steps are mentioned below chronologically:

Step One: Earn a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) or Bachelor of Science (BSc) Degree in General Counseling.
Step Two: Master of Science (MSc) Degree in General Counseling.
Step Three: Earn a Doctoral Degree in General Counseling.
Step Four: Earn a complete Post-Doctoral Internship in General Counseling.
Step Five: Obtain Licensure regarding General Counseling.
Step Six: Meet Continuing Education Requirements regarding General Counseling.
Step Seven: Obtain Specialty Certification in General Counseling.

The above mentioned steps are intensively needed to become a successful counseling psychologist.

Skills You’ll Need

To be a counseling psychologist some important skills are particularly needed. Counseling psychologists should have legitimate interests and curiosities in others. This integral skill makes counseling psychologist earnest, determined and actual counseling psychologist. The skills of self-reflection, thinking competence, feeling capacity and art of acting are universally required for counseling psychologists.

A counseling psychologist is supposed to have power in listen between the lines in order to counsel and realize the connotation, allegorical, analytical and focal meaning of clients’ speeches. A skilled counseling psychologist ought to have active and controlling sixth-sense faculty to distinguish multiple mental problems of the clients. A skilled counseling psychologist should be reciprocal to the clients’ psychological state to counsel sticky clients’ tentative predicaments. A counseling psychologist has to be empathetic, authentic, trusty and flexible to his clients. To be a potential counseling psychologist, you must have first-class sense of humor to grasp the psychosomatic weakness of the clients. You have to be a tolerant, logical to the clients.

Above and beyond, some important skills or evidences are highly needed like:
Interpersonal, experimental, innate and psychotherapeutics skills.
Capacity to work under pressure.

  • Self-enthusiasm.
  • Teamwork skills.
  • Diagnostic skill.
  • Fully research-minded approach.
  • High capability to investigate emotional issues with clients.
  • Excellent communication skills with others.

Job Prospects

Job prospects of counseling psychologists are very much highlighting in this job competitive world. The vast job prospects of counseling psychologists include:

  • Mental Health Centers (eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), psychosis.
  • Counseling centers for drug addiction and prevention.
  • Training centers.
  • Health institutions (hospital, care institutions, reintegration, rehabilitation and so on.
  • Research firm and centers.
  • Counseling centers for battered women.
  • Counseling centers for issues of employment and social incorporation of women.
  • Consultancy firm (bereavement, relationship difficulties, domestic, violence)
  • Universities and other higher education institutions.
  • Counseling centers in municipalities.
  • Human services (rehab faculty, nursing home etc.).
  • Business and industries.
  • Sports institutes.
  • Different organizations.
  • Government agencies like the armed forces, penal system and so on.
  • Private organizations.
  • Social Services.

Schools Offering Counseling Psychologist Degree

Multiple types of valuable counseling psychologist degrees have been offered by prominent schools in this world. These are very much specialized for psychosomatic activities. In fact, these degrees also determine the psychological treatment of mental disordered clients. Those outstanding and skilled degree programs are mentioned below:

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A) Degree Program in Counseling Psychology.
  • Master of Arts (M.A) Degree Program in Counseling Psychology.
  • Master of Science (MSc) Degree Program in Counseling/Clinical Mental Health Counseling.
  • Master of Science (MSc) Degree program in Counseling/Mental Health Counseling.
  • Master of Science (MSc) Degree Program in Counseling/Marriage, Family and Child. Therapy.
  • Ph.D. Or Psy.D. Degree in Counseling Psychology.

Find Your State Licensing Requirements

Whether you need to complete an internship or a doctoral degree, licensing requirements may vary from state to state. Click name of state below to find licensing requirement for that particular state.

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